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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Breed

Speaking of accomplishments, I found out my junk works.

My daughter, Hazel Zen Frederick, was born November 26th, 2008. My fiancee birthed Hazel in a birthing tub at our home. That’s right, with the placenta floating in there and everything. It was pretty sweet.

I just wanted you all to know the future of open ultimate is doing well.

2009 Club Vegas

Just a quick note bragging that the Iceholes won Club Vegas for the second time in a row. That's $500 to the college team for the win.

Some highlights:
  • Coming back from down 8-6 at half to beat Pike '05 for the championship.
  • A creepy dude in a Porsche getting a blowjob while driving down the street around 3pm.
  • Jammin becoming Annen 2.0 and ruling a craps table for 2+ hours.
  • Lokke punching Riley in the back hard so I could pickpocket him.
  • Teddy getting a Clamato + Bud Light facial.
  • Countless tabletops for everyone.
  • Muffin threatening to kill / destroy everyone in sight and then taking out four or five people.
  • Riley destroying Heijmen in 500.
  • Rob taking a header after tripping on grass.
  • The SoCo circle after winning.

William C. Lokke Central Command Center Security Database Status Updates:

Fri. Jan-23-09: 11:33pm - Kevin "Bucket" Riley spills airport drink on pants and tabletops Tom Annen for the mistake.
12:41am - Ted Tripoli claims "unblastable" - threatening Rodrigo's life several times.
1:55am - Bucket double-downs with 11 showing in Black Jack - hits Ace - loses $50 immediately, $200 total. Despair sets in.
2:46am - Tripoli starts pillow fight with Dan Heijmen - Scallet and Bobby tag-team dominate Tenacious Ted.
4:15am - Baller BK orders 12 Carbombs, 13 Coronas in Stratosphere Premium Lounge. Rodrigo falls asleep with mouth open and bets are placed.
7:05am - Power Saver On.
Sat. Jan-24-09: 9:11am - Awake in pile of stripper card's, Carl's Jr. wrappers, and casino chips.
9:24am - Depart for fields - first game in 6 minutes. Burkly currently at fields, running stringent drills.
9:46am - Rodrigo removes dress shoes and blazer to enter game for first time - score 9-1.
10:45am - Animal squats 300 pounds in between Mixed Games. William is impressed.
12:15pm - Muffin enters game with boot, gets poach D and throws turnover.
2:00pm - Fat Bill orders 2 Double-Double's, Animal Style Fries and Large Shake at "In n' Out Burger."
5:55pm - Muffin and Drew discuss finishing documentary
7:30pm - Begin attempts to find Frisbee Party.
7:33pm - Burkly vehemently vows to boycott party in place of gambling.
10:15pm - Colorado challenges Wisconsin to Margarita making contest - Skip Wins
10:45pm - Richter brags about making the World's team over Parker and Chicken
11:07pm - William asks for stiff drink and Xehten pours a brutal 3/4 rum and coke
11:15pm - Rodrigo eyes Chicken's exuberant suit and tie, clearly jealous
11:24pm - Riley tastes mixed drink and random approaches - challenging Rebholz with finger jab to the chest - "I challenge you to Ro-Sham-Bo Slam." The loser slams a drink of choice, which ironically, is Fat Bill's and dude gets nailed by the super hard drink.
11:36pm - Skip closes down the Frisbee Party
11:55pm - Animal mounts Stripper Pole on the Party Bus - a 175 of Jose in one hand and Manders in the other.
12:15am - Blackout! System Down!
2:25am - Bellagio Water Show squirts Animal in the eye
3:35am - William wins giant Superman Garfield at local Fat Man Festival.
5:57am - Bert found on floor with Giant Superman Garfield asleep in bed next to Rebholz.
Sun. Jan-25-09: 11:07am - First game has already started, minivan turns into Carl's Junior Drive Through.
11:40am - Drew and Muffin return from local liquor store with big smiles.
12:45pm - Animal returns from Mixed Fields injured - Foster texts that Animal shouldn't come back to Madison.
1:20pm - Jammin dominates tournament
1:25pm - Tripoli throws 90 yard hammer, drops swing pass
1:30pm - Detonator!
1:45pm - Wisconsin groans, must play Pike in finals?
2:40pm - Soco Waterfall ensues
9:30pm - Drew wins $400 in poker
11:55pm - Lokke scores big at massage parlor, Riley loses big, Drew orders 15th vodka red bull
Mon. Jan-26-09: 11:30am - Drew walks into hotel room announcing his plane leaves in 1 hour 20 minutes.


Unfortunately, there was only one entry for the scholarship this year. So the alums weren't able to spend the Vegas weekend reading various accounts of what Hodag Love means to various team members. Fortunately, the one entry that was submitted was excellent. Congrats, Tom!


This past season I had to battle with the semi-unknown financial burdens that were ahead. Additionally having never played high caliber Ultimate before my parents weren’t exactly gung-ho about my seemingly delusional commitment to a game they confused with my pot-smoking days on the disc-golf course. They questioned my life choices, as all parents do, and as a result made asking for money more difficult than it may be this year. Bringing home the golden nugget doesn’t hurt from a parental perspective; I like to think they have accepted my hobby. They are certainly not shy to drop the National Champion card as a conversation piece around just about anyone. Regardless, I don’t like asking for money. I wish I could pay for every cent of my existence. Not being able to pay for something makes me feel like I’m failing as a member of society, maybe everyone feels that way. So why am I still ranting about money? Well, some of my biggest Hodag Love moments sprouted from financial roots and like the rest of the world money has been on my mind as of late.

Last spring break I found myself sitting on a bench on the porch with Shane. It was remarkably peaceful given the debauchery taking place inside. The fact that I remember this whole situation speaks to the sobering effect of the words he shared with me. He told me about the hurdles that he surmounted in order to experience Hodag Love. Aside from what I was aware of, being admitted to the business school and devoting himself to eating children, Shane told me he struggled with finances and skeptical parents. It was something he had figured out we shared, and he wanted me to know that the Hodag Ultimate was worth it. I appreciated hearing his story and knowing that he understood the difficulties I was facing. Like Shane assured me, devoting myself to Wisconsin Ultimate over the past couple of years has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’d trade it for nothing.

Looking back at last season I’m still not sure how I ended up at the Stanford Invite. When I got the spring schedule I quickly realized my girlfriend (Mary) was planning on coming to Madison (from Ecuador) for a mid-semester break smack dab in the middle of the Stanford Invite. On top of that I knew I didn’t have the money so I figured I wasn’t going to make the trip. As the semester rolled on Mary wasn’t enjoying the jungle and pulled the plug. I got a call from her in a Vegas parking garage Saturday evening thereby relieving my obligation to skip Stanford. The problem was I still didn’t have the cash to dole out for a plane ticket. Apparently I wasn’t aware of this but when you needed a Frisbee loan last year you were supposed to go to the bank of Rebholz. I was reluctant. I knew I wasn’t going to pay him back in any reasonable length of time (I actually still owe him a bit for the ticket) but he was so willing I couldn’t say no. I was amazed he was so quick to stick his neck out for me, as though I were his brother or son. That favor showed to me that our team truly is a family; I was going to Stanford. Of all the decisions I don’t regret, accepting help from Reb is on the top of my list. The Stanford Invite was where I really came into my own, the systems made sense and I could just play. I loved Ultimate before that weekend, but after that weekend I absolutely loved Hodag Ultimate.

Reb’s favor and Shane’s understanding are symptomatic of the strong bond this team seems to engender each year. We are competing in a sport that is little understood and we often need to look within our own ranks to validate our work and our successes. When I look at each Hodag there is a tacit agreement that every ounce of sweat squeezed from our bodies is worth its weight in gold. Each season we (re)learn what it takes to be a Hodag and we love each other for our commitment to success. Despite the great loss in personnel we’re facing this year, there is already a seemingly tangible bond between each of us. I can’t wait to hit the battlefield in Vegas with my new family.

All things considered, I feel I have sacrificed much and worked hard to don baby blue. I believe our work and sacrifice is what makes Hodag Love so special. Having to work really hard to be a part of this program makes each of us appreciate it that much more; the work we each put into this team allows for Hodag Love to be incredibly strong. For me it has been dealing with finances, convincing my parents I’m not wasting my resources, beating the shit out of my body year round, and staying determined that one day I’d wear baby blue. This year, being a part time student, money isn’t quite as tight. However, I love reflecting and writing about things that I truly care about, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share my thoughts about this program. We each have a story, and I think you’ll find that the harder you work(ed) and the more you surmount(ed) to represent Hodag Ultimate, the stronger you feel Hodag Love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Congrats to Bryan Paradise for getting psuedo married this weekend in Cabo. Great time was had by all. Even Opie who managed to crash the wedding....