Hodag Love

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So this is a general invite to those who need a break from their mundane lives to escape for a long weekend to enjoy some sun, basketball games and drinks. The weekend (to be set as the annual weekend for the mancation) is the first weekend of March Madness, which I believe is March 13-March 16 this coming year. No destination has been determined although possibilities are Miami, Vegas, and San Diego to name a few. Last year there were some concerns that the date and location were announced too late for most to commit outside those in the deciding loop so in an effort to get a higher turnout this year we decided that we should just set the date early and make it an annual date so people can ask off work, etc. While we (Pank, Tyler, Dean, Bert and myself) are open to suggestions for places or pro/con arguments for each proposed place, which may entice more to join in the fun, in order to avoid the messiness of trying to get 20+ people to try to agree on something we will try to decide the place by January 1, 2008 of course taking into account the feelings of others and the commitment level expressed.

The objectives of the weekend include: relaxing by a pool/ocean, eating a few decent meals, watching some basketball, ogling/hitting on/making out with/going home with beautiful women depending on your personal circumstances, and of course drinking, catching-up, making fun of those too lame to show up, or the current lameness of individuals who did show up. Playing ultimate is not on the agenda. If you are interested please feel free to post to this blog your commitment, suggestion for a destination, what will or won't get you to commit to going (like say the exclusion of Bert), and anything else you feel deserves attention.

Last year it was Dean, Tyler, Pank and myself in Miami. As far as expenses go I think I probably dropped between $800-$1000 for the four days, which included the $350 flight. Outside the flight I think alcohol was the biggest expense in the range of I'm guessing $80-$120 per day. Anyway, there it is for all who are interested.