Hodag Love

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just wanted to say happy holidays to you guys, Dean, Tyler, Pank and I are definitely going to Miami March 15/16-18 to watch some March Madness, scantily clad women and generally enjoy the Miami beach/night life, Tyler is currently booking a hotel room/suite for us so if you need info on the place and can get a room together you should definitely join us. The idea is that this will become an annual retreat for Hodags or to use the parlance of today an annual "mancation."

In addition, I have a new favorite player on the Hodags who I've never met. This email made me laugh and I'm really looking forward to another spring of vicarious living (knowing that the Hodags are strong and still running CUT into the ground), and without further ado the email of Jeremiah (I believe a freshman):

So today I got up and called a few friends that I used to run and train withback on the east coast in little old Amherst. I was feeling really motivated and wanted to get a really hard workout in. So, ofcourse I called Muffin and cleared up some questions about that first track workout we did with the 200 400 400 600 800ladder and abs. Within this little workout group there were 3 seniors from the high school, one of their brothers, myself, andSam Kanner (for those of you who don't know, my captain at Amherst, Feldman's captain at worlds, and a new freshman for CUT). I fucking kicked his ass. He couldn't even finish the first 600 on the way up. The other guy I was with in my group wasfaster than me and made me work that much harder. I felt bad for sam and didn't want him to feel so shitty but at thesame time I was using his failure to fuel me to train and work harder than anyone else. I love sam to death, but right now he is theenemy. When ever I train I like to have a goal, or imagine training against someone to push me farther. Because ourschool are rivals, and he made the worlds team, and he pretty good, I train against him.I hope everyone is having a great break and eating a lot of awsome food. I justwanted to share this workout with you guys maybe to pump you up, maybe to make you laugh, maybe motivate you to go outthere in the cold and train when nobody else will. I want to totally dominate every single team this year by training thehardest and wanting it the most. You guys are amazing and I can't wait to come back and train with you boys. Happy Holidays!Hodag Love from the east coast,Jeremiah