Hodag Love

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dr. Charles Rez
Did anybody notice that our esteemed colleague, Charlie is presenting something about drug use and abuse in Ultimate at some coaching conference? I knew someday our collective binge drinking might someday help others.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey kids,

Bert has repeatedly threatened me if I do not post my life story on this blog, so here goes.

I left America in 2000, and lived in Canadia for 3 years, then London for 3 years and now I'm back in Vancouver. During that time, I had 4 knee surgeries, 3 on the right and one on the left (thanks ultimate -- oh yeah, and thanks Will), but I can still walk. Now I do west coast things like play golf and do yoga.

I have a 13-month old son, who I am training to defend me from Bert. He can walk, point, clap, and usually doesn't cry when he bangs his head. After watching the World Cup final, he headbutted a one-year old girl, but other than that he is fairly nonviolent as long as he gets enough food.

Bert also told me to say that this blog is a good idea, and other people should post on it more. I also think that Charlie should post his starting drinking starting seven, since it will include Daddy Wags, who might be the greatest ever. Sadly, his final year as a Hodag was just before my first, so I can't tell the stories firsthand and I only saw him at a party naked with his frisbee mask on once.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Maybe it's sectionals up in Minnesota somewhere. Bunch of A and B team guys staying at the home of Scott and Doug Rassier. Their parents were always great hosts. Anyways, sitting around the table after another great meal and eating some good desserts. Probably first time I ever talked to Matt. He being this kinda portly fella on the B team. His story goes, yeah, one time I got mono and I was really pissed at myself. So as punishment to my body for getting sick I drank a 24 pack of pepsi and ate like 12 candy bars a day. I don't know if I got the numbers right but I was definitely thinking this guy is hilarious.