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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Drew put up at post on the Hodag blog about non-numbered jerseys. Take a look:


This is one of the team's fund-raising efforts for the year, so forward this to anyone who might be interested. I heard they are trying to sell 300 jerseys this year.


Thursday, November 08, 2007


Courtesy of Ben Feldman

The deadline for orders is Friday, November 16th.

Hodag jerseys this year are going to have two gold embroidered stars on the left sleeve to signify our two national championships. In addition, it will have "Wisconsin" above the numbers on the back, and as usual a our logo on the front center. If you are interested in ordering this type of jersey (with your number on it), now is your chance to do so.

2007-2008 Competition Jersey for Alumni: $30.00

Normal player jerseys (without the stars) are available. You are able to put your number on these as well.

Short Sleeve Normal Player Jerseys: $26.00
Long Sleeve Normal Player Jerseys: $27.00

Both types are available in
Blue, Black and White.


Ben is now be accepting emails with jersey orders. What he needs from you is a somewhat organized list of what you would like to order. Here is an example of what you should send Ben.

For Alumni: (Cut and paste what is below in an email to Ben (http://www.wisc.edu/directories/?name=Ben%20Feldman), title it "My name Jersey Orders - Alumni", and modify as needed)

Name: Dan Heijmen
Jersey Number: 2
Current Address: 69 Callahan Drive, Minneapolis, MN, 12345
Phone Number: 612-222-2222

Competition Jersey Orders:
1 Black Short Sleeve X-Small
1 Blue Short Sleeve X-Small

Normal Player Jersey Orders (With numbers, but no stars):
3 Blue Short Sleeve X-Small
1 White Long Sleeve Small
1 Blue Short Sleeve X-Large

This year we will be selling basic jerseys to the public as a fundraiser (no numbers, just the logo on front, and "Wisconsin" on the back). These are going to be around $21.00 for Short Sleeve, and $22.00 for Long Sleeve (Blue, Black and White). These are NOT available for sale right now, so please do not include any of these type jerseys in your order.

If you have any more questions, please contact Ben.

The deadline for orders is Friday, November 16th.

Ben Feldman