Hodag Love

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alumni, Hodags Need Help With Documentary!!!!!!!

(below is an email from Documentary producers Muffin and Mahowald)

I need some quick hard TRUE facts about the History of the Hodags.

- Year Started - '88?
- Commentary on goals of 1st Hodag teams
- When adopted Hodag name, why?
- History of very beginning - second coming in mid 90's, peaking towards late 90's, touch of history until 2002 finale
- Colorful insight - anything is welcome
- Anything that might be interesting for inclusion in a hodag history narrative
- Rivalry & History with Carleton and Regionals

250-500 word history needed - for the documentary
Different perspectives would be nice

We are thinking a picture slide show - please send any pictures you think would be valuable!

Thanks for the help
Muffin & Andrew - Back-to-Back National Champions

P.S. FYI - the documentary will need to buy rights to CBS footage, music rights, and other silly stuff like that -- so Drew and I will be most likely asking for some financial investment from our alums in the near future : )
Anyone that has any info could write it in the comments section and we'll be checking here as often as we can. Thanks for the help, you'll be happy with the finished product.