Hodag Love

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The Idea
What would happen if the best college programs from the past decade put together all-star teams and battled it out for College Ultimate supremacy?

We want to find out who is the the big boss -- the best of the past ten years.

When & Where
The right way to do this is a part of a huge celebration of Ultimate: Potlatch. We plan to play Muckamuck as a tournament-within-a-tournament-within-a-party, during the first two days of Potlatch 2011 (July 2nd and 3rd in Redmond, Washington). The Potlatch directors are on board with our ideas, and we think this is a unique environment for a one-time-only event.

The Format
The top Men's and Women's College All-star teams will organize during Spring of this year. They'll descend on Potlatch -- some with super-fun Potlatch teams, and some coming solely to play in competitive Muckamuck games.

Day 1 of competition will see the teams drawn into Power Pools. They will play three games to determine seedings for the championship bracket, and a likely Friday night Showcase game in each division.

Day 2 of competition will see quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals played, with the finals being Saturday night's showcase event.

Each team is guaranteed four games (three pool play games Saturday and a quarterfinal game Sunday).

Eligibility and seedings are based on Nationals performance between 2000 and 2010.

1. Wisconsin
2. Colorado
3. Carleton
4. Florida
5. Brown
6. Stanford
7. Oregon
8. Texas

Giving us Power Pools of:
Pool A - Wisconsin, Florida, Brown, Texas
Pool B - Colorado, Carleton, Stanford, Oregon

Teams will decide their own rosters and are encouraged to elect three captains to organize the selection process and make final decisions about roster composition. To be eligible to be selected to a roster, a player must have played the College Series during one season between 2000 and 2010.

This is a once in a lifetime tournament that we think no one should pass up. Get in touch with old teammates and fellow alums.

We’ve accepted the bid and are in the process of fielding a team.

It’s essentially an 8-Team College All-Star Tournament.

“Team of the Decade (2000-2010)” sort of competition. But there will be spots open to guys who graduated before 2000 and also for current or recent college grads, meaning guys who are graduating in 2011 or later. The event is being run in conjunction with Potlatch meaning that people could/should still compete in Potlatch games – but would play a few rounds a day with their college alum teams.

We agreed that the Hodags will compete. We want this to be open to any Hodag who has played a season with the team and who wants to be included. With that said we wanted to share a few things about the event and some items that we talked about.

#1 We are going to win. We want this event to represent the best of Hodag Ultimate, and when we are at our best – we win. Many of us have competed in Ice_Hole events, which are ridiculously fun, yet slightly lacking in the quality of play or an overall competitive mindset. If you decide to play you are saying that your priority is WINNING. Obviously fun will be had but once the games start it is time to Dominate and have a blast doing it.

#2 As said earlier, this tournament takes place in conjunction with Potlatch (July 2-4) and I imagine many of the guys reading this email already have vague plans of attending already. Everyone is free to join a team if they want – but would also be competing with the College Alum team and therefore would probably have to miss a few games with their Potlatch team.

#3 This is going to be seriously awesome. We don’t get the opportunity to play as Hodags very often and I know that I would absolutely love to wear that Baby Blue alongside all of you Hodags out there and kill some of our old rivals. Hodags who choose to compete are committing themselves to represent our Program with effort, grit, skill and balls. They are also committing to be physically and mentally ready to bring it against top-level competition.

Dan Heijmen - Captain
Andrew Brown
Jim Foster