Hodag Love

Friday, April 18, 2008

Alumni Update:

Unfortunately due to weather and the rescheduling of sectionals we have had some difficulty rescheduling and I apologize for not updating the blog sooner. Anyway, the game is now scheduled to be played starting at about 11:40 am in Whitewater. Because there is no real good time for the Hodags in the coming weeks prior to Nationals we are playing during their bye round of sectionals.

Right now we have a pretty low numbers of people that actually committed to playing and obviously could use a few more bodies.

Anyway, if you can't make the game, but are in Madison and interested in grabbing a beer with your former teammates you can call me and hopefully I will have information on such things. 612-219-7009.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shhhh El Dozo

El Inferno!Violencia! Armageddon!
Shhh El Doz0 No Disturbe, El Bruss-o-sucko
OperaMan Bye Bye!