Hodag Love

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alright so the plan is to get a little bit of a network in place for recruiting. Here is what everyone needs to provide me with ASAP (bryanparadise@hotmail.com):

1. Degrees earned and dates
2. Years as a Hodag (# and years played)
3. Current Location
4. Where you grew up
5. Current Profession/Job with Employer (if recognizable)-for example Burkley works for Lehman Brothers
6. If you are comfortable your family situation

We are going to try and basically put together a sweet graphic on the website to allow people to basically see where Hodags are now. Our focus in providing this information is two fold. One give kids a person they may reach out to in an area they live if they have questions. Two to give parents a sense of the fact that many Hodags are successful/normal people. Obviously this is voluntary, but we are specifically targeting those that are out of school a few years.

If you want to save me time put it in bio form as follows:

Bryan Paradise, was raised in a small town in Wisconsin. Having discovered Ultimate as a Junior, Bryan played Ultimate at Wisconsin from 1999-2003. Bryan graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2001 and then attended Law School and recieved a J.D. in 2004. After living and practicing in Milwaukee for 3 years he moved with his current wife to Minneapolis where he works as a staff legal attorney for Zurich. Bryan and his wife are expecting their first child in February, 2010.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I just spent an hour catching up on ultimate. It appears as though:
Muffin is coaching Bella Dona
Hector is coaching the Hodags
Madison is hosting College Nationals
Although there are a million things rushing through my head as I consider these facts, the overwhelming feeling that this "sounds like a party" is on the marquee in my mind's eye.
My next question, regarding nationals in Madison, is: how can I contribute? Aside from dropping drinks in other drinks and dry heaving the next day? The answer, at least one of them, is to contact Kate Arnold, the TD. She wants to get in touch with alumni that are interested in helping host the tourney. Reach her at:
I would be remiss to not invite you all to stay with me. Becasue I still live in Madison (for-ev-er), my house is open to any and all that want to stay with me and my family. Although our apartment is only a 1 bedroom, we do have sleeping space in the living room, and people can probably pitch tents in the back yard of our apartment complex. However, my house is no longer lawless--the days of Fossum stabbing the fridge with a chef's knife are behind us. Maybe. But I do have a child who is learning to speak, so plan your actions and vocabulary accordingly.
So I'll just say this in passing and we'll see what happens... Wisconsin Alumni vs Team USA?
Mufabot. Word.
Hodag Love, Freddy